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Gulfport Mixed Use

Our Process

Phase I.  Design

Preliminary Design

We begin by analyzing your requirements and establishing your wants and needs, we then organize them into a list we call a “Program”. Think of the Program as a list of ingredients needed to complete your project. In the program, we establish preliminary square footage of spaces, items required in those spaces, and how the spaces need to relate to each other. We analyze the project site with you to discover any potential views, sun orientation, or any site landmarks that we can incorporate into the design. We will also look at the project's site’s zoning to determine any restrictions and determine the buildable area.  

Bubble LeBatard Architecture.jpg

Schematic Design

This is where the drawings begin. We review the site and look for the best place for your home or building that takes advantage of views, trees, and natural topography. We take the Program created in Pre-Design and begin sketching ideas for space layouts and rough sketches of the exterior. The drawings in this phase are usually sketches or rough computer-aided drawings. These drawings will show rough square footage and dimensions. 

Design Development

We take the ideas that were established in the schematic design phase and explore them more. Here, drawings will be developed on the computer for accurate dimensions and square footage. Exterior Elevations are developed and can be explored in 3D visuals or renderings. Generate schematic lighting and power layout as well as schematic mechanical systems and zoning layouts. These drawings can be utilized for loan assessments as well as preliminary cost estimates from contractors.

Mixed Use Office Fairhope.jpg

Construction Documentation

In this step we develop detailed working drawings suitable for permitting and construction. These drawings provide the contractor with highly detailed information describing how the building and its elements are assembled and finished.

Pool House.jpg

Phase II.  Construction


We facilitate the bidding process, soliciting bids from qualified contractors, evaluating proposals, and ensuring a fair and transparent selection process

Construction Administration 

Acting as our client’s agent, we monitor the progress and quality of construction, review submittals and contractor payment requests, delivering a smooth and successful construction experience


Construction Observation

We visit the construction site regularly to ensure construction and materials are being utilized in accordance to construction documents.  This can be anywhere from ensuring proper framing sizes to proper detailing of aesthetic elements, such as lighting placed in center of room or aligning with windows.

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